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As the economy is tightening, many people ask “How much does a Calgary home inspection cost?” Our prices for the average home inspection are based on the square footage of the building and the what services are being ordered. Therefor you pay only for the type of inspection that you need.

A basic home inspection will cost between $375 and $450 for the average size home, without any of our additional inspection services. If your dwelling is more than 4 thousand square feet, the home inspection may be a little more.

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The $10,000 Guarantee that we provide through interNACHI along with various other important benefits, will ensure that you get a very good rate considering how important a home inspection is for your property investment. Our included services can be found on our inspection services page as well as a comprehensive list below.

  • Basic Inspection
  • Standard Inspection
  • Premium Inspection
  • New Home Construction Inspection
  • Pre-Listing or Pre-Purchase Inspection
  • Spot-Chek Inspection
  • Renters’ Inspection
  • Residential Mold & Air Quality, Testing & Inspection
  • Ozone Shock Treatment
  • RecallChek


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